What I’ve learned so far..

So my first week has come and gone, and I gotta say, I did not accomplish many of my goals. Hell, I barely had coffee on a couple of days, and that’s high on my list of must-dos. I did bathe fairly regularly, but outfits were very hit or miss, as was makeup application and hair styling. I only cooked once, and it was hot dogs and mac and cheese, not exactly a culinary risk. The cleaning lady came this week, so I didn’t do any major chores, although I did load and unload the dishwasher several times. That counts. I also was pretty good at putting toys away so the house wasn’t a fire hazard. Declan is sleeping worse than ever, unless my mom puts him down. Then he could sleep for a week. Obviously, he knows who the sucker is in this house.

But I will say this. I had a BLAST this week. I mean, seriously, I think I had as much fun playing with Declan’s 2-in-1 Learning Kitchen as he did! My back hurts from crawling so much, but more importantly, my stomach hurts from laughing so much.

I am actually very surprised at how much fun I had, despite the fact that Declan is a really fun baby. It’s just that before I was laid off, I really craved my time at my office. It was the only real time that I had that was on my pace. I could go to the bathroom when I wanted, eat when I wanted and play on the computer without a pounding little fist using the keyboard as a drum set. I found myself getting frazzled on my days off sometimes, especially if I took an extra day due to illness, doctor’s appointment, etc. So I was really dreading my first true week alone with Declan. I know that sounds awful to some of you, but I’m just being honest. I love alone time. LOVE IT. And that’s probably been the hardest adjustment for me — my lack of “me” time. And yet, even though Declan only sleeps 45 minutes at a time on his own and even though it was cold and yucky out all week so we hardly went anywhere, we had a BLAST.

Unfortunately, we really can’t have all fun and games this week though. I HAVE to be productive. So unless I come down with another stomach virus tonight (fingers crossed), tomorrow is plan day. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Make a meal plan for at least a week, if not two. Go through cookbooks, magazines, etc. for new ideas.
  • Make a very precise grocery list and follow it, no meandering down aisles picking up random things.
  • Find as many coupons possible for groceries, but don’t buy things JUST BECAUSE I have a coupon.

I also am going to attempt to sleep train Declan this week. I’ve GOT to. I’ve put it off and put it off because of teething, ear infections, etc. But now that he actually sits up and laughs at me when I attempt to put him down, I think the power structure has changed a bit. So I gotta do it. He loves to sleep while being held, which I admit is so nice — who doesn’t want to snuggle with their baby?? — but momma and daddy need a break! So no snuggling for naps or at night, even if I don’t sleep all week. It’s amazing how these bad habits start. I swore I’d NEVER sleep with Declan. EVER. Totally crazy. Well, on night 5 of an ear infection, cold or teething fit, all bets are off. And in that moment, a bad habit is formed. So now I’ve got to undo the mess I’ve created.

I’m exhausted just writing all this, so off to bed I go. I apologize for the lack of side-splitting humor in this post, but it’s not always a laugh factory around here, ok?? I gotta save my comedy for diaper changes!


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5 responses to “What I’ve learned so far..

  1. hey Christi! Love the blog, and I’m right there with you with trying to do better with the grocery shopping, coupon clipping, and meal planning! It’s one of my goals for the year, but it’s hard! Good luck to you!!

  2. PS – that comment links back to my book blog, but feel free to check out my family blog, I’ll try to link this comment to that one!!

  3. It’s not easy to get started on the whole organizing and purposeful shopping thing, but once you do, it actually becomes kind of (gasp) fun. Good luck this week!

  4. Bethany

    Hey girl. Don’t plan 2 weeks of meals when you are first starting out cooking. You will end up having to throw stuff away. Start a week at a time and only buy the stuff you need to make those meals and then lunch supplies. I plan what we are going to eat around produce so that I am not wasting anything. I HATE having to throw stuff out.

  5. Missy

    You’re awesome!

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