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Starting off on the right foot

OK, this week is going to go better, I just know it. I’m ready. I’m rested.

Bring it.

Anyway, I feel much better facing week 2 of my new job. I busted my ass this morning looking through cookbooks and magazines to make out a great meal plan for the week, and then a damn detailed grocery list. No splurges! No junk! I even ate before I went — that is planning ahead. I did the laundry. Almost all of it, which I hope Paul is grateful for, since that is typically his Sunday chore. AND the clothes are put away. That NEVER happens. Paul did cook dinner tonight, but he asked, for the record.

But my plan to become a coupon fanatic ended up on the cutting room floor. I just don’t get it. I signed up for couponmom.com, which according to Oprah and the Today Show is how you can get like $500 worth of groceries for like $25. It was a waste of my time. The weekly circular wasn’t much help either, so I relied on the tried-and-true method of buying generic when I could and using my member discount card when I could, and after all the effort, I saved $6. Not exactly a down payment on a house, but I guess better than nothing.

The real task for this week, however, is daunting. I must teach my child to sleep. This point was driven home last night when, about 20 minutes after I put him down, he woke up just as I was sitting down to eat. My mom volunteered to go put him back down, and after her magic touch, he slept for 7 hours straight. When he did wake up at 3:45, he proceeded to stare at me for 2 hours as I tried to put him back down. Sigh. He owns me. So finally, I gave in and we got in the bed together and slept peacefully until 8. Did I mention this is a repeat of Friday night, when mom put him down so Paul and I could go to a party? Yea, not a peep until 2. And when daddy went to check on him, it turned into a 2-hour ordeal. His first word is going to be “sucker.”

In the scheme of things, co-sleeping’s not horrible. Tons of people co-sleep and I think that’s fine, if it works for you. But I never wanted to co-sleep, especially in a bed that’s not mine, without my pillow, with a sack of potatoes kicking and rolling around all night. I obviously sleep pretty lightly with Declan, so while it’s better than listening to him cry all night, it’s not great. Plus, I want to co-sleep on MY terms, not his. And right now, like I said, he owns me.

So no naps on the couch with mom or in the recliner with dad. It’s all crib, all the time. He is NOT going to be happy at 3 a.m. when he wakes up, and I’m sure he will, but can I handle it? I’m not going to let him cry, but can I sit there for hours, exhausted, knowing I can just crawl a few feet away and snuggle with my precious boy? I have to.

So stand with me, tired moms and dads, as I take back the night. Stand with me as I tell my little chubby cherub of a son, “You’re not the boss of me!” Sleep will be mine!!!



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