I am a goddess in training…

OK, so this week is going substantially better than last week. Actually, I’m pretty damn impressed with myself.

First of all, the hardest thing I’ve done is work on Declan’s sleep habits. Things are improving, much to my surprise. In my defense, I didn’t set out to completely spoil my child rotten, it kinda happened by accident. Really! See, it all started when I quit breast feeding when Declan was all of 11 days old. Long story, and the bottom line is my boobs don’t work. Anyway, we switched to formula and immediately my precious little newborn started projectile vomiting like only a child possessed by the devil himself can do. Ask Amy Yarbrough, she got hosed down one day. Not fun. He was diagnosed with reflux, super common, and our main issue was keeping him upright and still after every bottle so he could actually keep his food down. I’m talking no car seat, no diaper changes, no lying down, no playing, nothing. For over 6 months, it was like this. That turned into us holding him when he went to sleep at night and after his middle of the night bottles, when he still took them. Which led to my little angel getting in the nearly unbreakable (it seems) habit of being held in order to sleep longer than, say, 45 minutes without screaming bloody murder for someone to “COME. GET. ME. OUT. OF. THIS.CRIB.  NOW.”

He wasn’t too bad at night until he turned 6 months. In a short time period, he had 3 ear infections followed by nasty antibiotics, a constant cold, learned the ability to crawl and stand and cut a tooth. Which led to me sleeping in the bed with him because I was delirious and he was CRANKY. So we had to break that habit fast once we knew he was feeling better, which he is now that he’s on stronger reflux meds and allergy meds.

So this week, I cracked the whip. The whip may be made of butterfly wings and cotton candy, but I cracked it!! I won’t get into the details, but since Monday, he has only been taken out of his crib during the night once or twice, he is napping solely in his crib (almost unheard of) and while he still consistently wakes up at 2, 4 and 6 a.m., it’s brief. I know that’s hell for some of you, but sleeping in my own bed for 4 nights in a row is a vacation.

So I deserve a medal for that.

While I’m tooting my own horn, I’ve also cooked 2 nights so far this week (not much to some, double what I normally do) and my kitchen has opened to rave reviews. We’ve had tons of good leftovers for lunches and an extra night’s dinner, so that’s a plus. I’ve also bathed every day (yay!), although makeup and hair drying has been optional. It’s like 8 degrees, out, I’m not going any where. My clothes have reasonable matched and I have gotten out of pajamas before noon daily.

All in all, it’s been an encouraging week. I’m getting in the swing of this SAHM stuff and may end up enjoying it a lot more than I anticipated.



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2 responses to “I am a goddess in training…

  1. Laura

    Yay for you! You should be tooting your own horn! About the sleep training…I’m so glad you guys are making progress. I’m confident things will continue to go well. Its so hard to set limits at this age…they’re still babies (and we’ll always see them as newborns) so its hard to believe they’d actually be manipulative! 😉 I’m so with you on the cooking. Nick has been cooking the meals and I just reheat what he makes in the evenings…hats off to you for that 😉

  2. pauliesavata

    Yeah you should definately toot your own horn! Evan is mostly sleeping in his own bed. He usually wakes up about 4 or 5 and we bring him into bed with us. I guess we’re kind of selfish though. I think I’d miss him some if he weren’t there.

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