A new blog, again.

OK, so my decision to become a blogging mom hasn’t been very successful. In my defense, I did write a pretty good update the other night, only to have WordPress eat it. Grr. So here I am again, trying to get into the swing of writing about my life, and as usual, I’m already making up for lost time. Story of my life.

Also in my defense, the past couple of months have been NUTS. Totally Macadamia.

In a nutshell (I’m now done with this line of jokes):

  • Declan had a HUGE sleep regression after getting sick a couple months ago, which meant I had a huge sleep recession. This went on for approximately 2 months. I was in a fog, physically and mentally. It was really bad. But luckily,
  • Declan is now sleeping through the night! Yay! We read approximately 500 sleep books, web sites, etc., and decided that now that his reflux is gone, there’s no reason why he couldn’t cry it out (CIO). So we did it, and after a long week, we turned up the heat and stopped going in and checking on him. JACKPOT. I guess what the experts say is true: if you don’t give a baby a reason to think crying will work, they’ll stop crying! So now all the people that said we were just spoiling him can shut the *&^% up! Thanks!
  • We moved, finally. We got a great little bungalow that’s old and charming. We love it.

I’ve made some real progress in my Domestic Goddess status, in my opinion. Actually, to the point where I am starting to not recognize myself. Like, I vacuum constantly. Several times a day. Every day. I mop 2-4 times a week. My biggest Target splurge lately was mainly on cleaning supplies. And I was thrilled to get all my Swiffers and sponges and bleach wipes home and put them in their place. This is about as much unlike me as humanly possible. I’ve NEVER been a neat freak. I wouldn’t call myself a reformed slob, but as long as food was put away and no visible stains or wet spots were seen, cleaning could wait. And wait. Or I get somebody else to do it. I rebudgeted all of our bills a few years ago just to afford someone to come clean twice a month. It was the best money I ever spent.

But now it’s up to me, and I’m taking on the challenge. It’s not all obsession-based. I doubt there’s a mom of a crawling baby out there that doesn’t envision all the nasty things that live in the corners of the kitchen floor or under the toilet that their precious little snowflake could get their grubby little hands on. Also, living in a house with no carpet makes it kinda obvious when there is crap everywhere. Especially with a shedding white cat in the house that seems to molt 2-3 times a day. But still, vacuuming MULTIPLE times a day?

There are still remnants of the old me around. It takes an act of Congress to get me to put my clothes away. I hate doing that. And my car is still a pig sty, always will be. It’s a teenage rebellion thing that’s carried over a decade or so.  I still don’t iron, and don’t plan on it ever, even though our house has a nifty old built-in ironing board in the kitchen. I plan to use it as a buffet table during a party.

I’m also a cooking fool, and really love it. I’m cooking all kinds of neat things for Declan and may try to become a personal baby chef (personal chef for babies? not personal chef of babies) for friends or others interested! I know I can save people tons of money and homemade baby food tastes sooooo much better than jarred, so hopefully I can help some people out and make some money!

I’d like to start gardening (no clue how to do that) and have even considered learning to sew curtains, despite my high school Home Ec teacher telling me she pitied my future husband after she saw my attempt at making boxer shorts. I told her I pitied him to if he depended on me to make his underwear. She didn’t appreciate the humor.

So while I’m not picking up a needle and thread just yet, I wouldn’t put it past me. I wouldn’t put drinking heavily and passing out on a pin cushion past me either, and that sounds a bit more likely at this point.


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2 responses to “A new blog, again.

  1. Ok, the boxers things cracked me up!
    I’m glad things are going so well…I need to get into better cleaning habits like you! I’m impressed!

  2. memphislis

    I would love to have home made food for my nephew. He is 6 months old. Any ideas about how you could get it to me in Memphis? (This is Melissa Alford from CHS)

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