Going Green. And a little crazy.

I am expanding my domestic goddess repertoire to the great outdoors. Sorry, Mother Earth.

Now that we are in our house and have this precious little yard, I have been feeling the urge to plant something. Nothing major. Just some color to liven up the place. I picked up some pansies, transfered them from pot to ground. They lived. I was surprised. And energized. What else could I not kill?

I picked up a pack of seeds, zinnias, I think. Could I grow a plant from seeds? Too soon. Not yet.

So I picked up some dahlias and potted them. Not too hard. So far, so good. I branched out, and bought a spade (I think a spade. A kind of shovely thing, that’s short. I’m not sure). And some hedge trimmers. I trimmed the hedges. And did it really well, too!

I want to dig in the dirt and plant my seeds, but I’m still too nervous. Can I get them from tiny little speck of germinated plant matter to blossoming blooms of color? I’m still skeptical.

I spotted some beautiful orange and yellow marigolds at the grocery store, and decided they would make a great addition to my growing garden. I planted them kinda without thinking about it, and now I just have a random row of orange and yellow puff balls in front of my hedges. Hmm. Now I guess I understand the concept of landscaping. I guess I’ll need a lot more marigolds.

After it got warm and rained a bunch, suddenly our grass is 2 feet tall. I decided that we need a mower that I can use (meaning, I can’t start a regular mower, the kind with the pull chord. Never could do it.), and since our yard is so small and flat, and since Earth Day was this week, Paul and I decided on a push reel mower. Those are the old-timey mowers that don’t require gas or electricity. So I went to Home Depot and bought the mower AND I assembled it. All by myself. Albeit, a couple little parts didn’t quite make it on, and I apparently didn’t put the washers (?) in the right place, but it was functional.

So today, I sat there, looking at MY mower. My own piece of machinery. I’ve never had any kind of machinery, outside of hair dryers and flat irons. Declan was asleep and it was 80 degrees and sunny. The mower was glistening in the light, a real beauty. So I did it. I mowed the yard. With MY mower. Well, I mowed the front yard, then Declan woke up. Then tonight, after Declan was asleep and while Paul was cooking, I went outside to put up Declan’s toys, and there it sat again. My little green machine. I knew I had a few minutes before dinner, so maybe I would just touch up a few patches that I missed. After all, this was my first time mowing; our yard didn’t exactly look like Southfork. I ran over a few rows, spruced up a few patches. It was so nice out, warm and breezy. The first summery-feeling night.

I headed to the backyard.

I haven’t spent much time in our backyard. No reason to. But once I was back there, I noticed a great smell. Honeysuckle! Tons of it, on one side of our shed. Tons of bumble bees, too, which I know are harmless, but I hate them. Then I saw big tall stems, at least 4 feet tall, growing out of some thick leaves that Paul and I had been curious about. Irises! We are going to have irises! On the other side of the shed from the irises is a full cascade of some sort of hanging flowers in blue and purple. I’m thinking it could be a wisteria tree, after googling a million different things, but I have no clue. So I started mowing back there, dodging the bumble bees and smelling the honey suckle. Paul called me to dinner before I was finished, and I really had to decide whether to go in or not without finishing. I hated to, but I got the stink eye from Paul, so I knew it was time to quit for the day.

I also bought more marigolds when I got my mower, and a starter kit thingy for my seeds (that’s the scientific name, BTW). I’m going to plant zinnias and aster. I want my yard to be bursting with color. I want to play in the dirt and watch something develop and grow every day, just the same as I do with Declan. There is something nurturing and natural about gardening that I think goes hand in hand with motherhood.

But even if our house doesn’t become the next Biltmore, my love for the outdoors as grown. I’ve discovered a new hobby that gets me off my butt and away from the TV and the computer and into the fresh air and sun. It’s surprisingly invigorating and mind-clearing, and kinda therapeutic.

I know this post wasn’t very funny or clever, but I am so surprised by this new turn of events, I had to write about it. I am sure that once the mercury hits 90 degrees, I won’t be quite so peachy about sweating my ass off in the grass, surrounded by bugs and and itching like crazy. I’ll only be outside long enough to walk into my mom’s pool or to get a new margarita. And I’ll be begging Paul to mow weekly. But for now, it’s easy being green.


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2 responses to “Going Green. And a little crazy.

  1. Jennifer Fishburn

    I picked up a mini pot for Emma. It was a starter for kids to grow pumpkins. I helped her set it up and it sat on her window sill for about a week. Tonight she looked at it before bed and noticed that there were leaves sticking up. She’s super excited. If she can garden, so can you!

  2. Sarah

    Loved your post, Christi! I’m getting the same green bug as you. Our landscaping could use some work and we haven’t had a ton of warm days here yet, but I’m itching to get out there and dig in the dirt. I’m starting a container herb garden on our back deck too – just bought some plants and seeds today. I couldn’t agree more about the gardening hobby getting you away from the TV and computer – that’s what I need for sure! :O

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