One of those days

Today was one of those days. The kind of day where I texted my cousin at 10:30 to ask her if she was free for margaritas for dinner. The kind of day where you are where you don’t know who is going to have more breakdowns, the mom or the toddler.

It started out fine, Declan woke up normal and was happy. I don’t know if he got hungry or what, but soon after I had showered, the whining started. I LOATHE whining. I ABHOR whining. I can handle screaming, squealing, endless loops of Fisher Price songs, Elmo’s voice (but just barely), and even crying. But whining.. NO. I don’t do whining. So once the whining started, my day started going down hill. Declan was having one of those days where he wants something RIGHT NOW, but when I give it to him, he’s either offended by my delivery or wants me to move faster or something, because he continues whining, only louder. So I put said item away, and the whining goes up another level.. this continues until I say “I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, FIGURE IT OUT, I’M LEAVING THE ROOM” so I don’t snap.

Then, my little newborn that I keep was fussy. Now, for him, fussy means crying for like 3 minutes. He’s the easiest baby ever. He’s the Anti-Birth Control. But he’s got me spoiled, so when he fusses at all, I’m not expecting it, so it throws me for a loop. Then the toddler I keep comes over. He’s being great, but Declan begins taking his whiny anger out on him, which leads to Declan having two time-outs and a leg swat (for kicking me in the face, no less) by 9:30. And I NEVER swat him, but I was already spent. And it wasn’t even 10 a.m.

Naps were short, crackers were spilled, walls were drawn on… the saga continued for HOURS. I called Paul and said that there was a good chance I’d bolt from the door the minute he got home, just so I could get a break. He knew it was bad.

The day leveled off some in the afternoon, but by then, my nerves were raw. Any loud noise or neediness was pushing me closer and closer to the edge of insanity. The boys I watch were picked up, and I was planning my escape in my head. I HAD to get away from kids!

So I sit down for a minute to check my email and let Declan watch some Tom and Jerry classic cartoons. It’s our afternoon thing. Anyway, he comes and crawls in my lap to look at the computer. I figure that I’m about to be pushed over the edge by him INSISTING that I put on the Thomas the Tank Engine web site so he can see “PERCY! PERCY!”, as he does daily — no, hourly — right now. But of course, as toddlers do, he surprised me.

Declan is OBSESSED with his letters right now, which of course makes me think he’s a super genius. So he sits on me and turns the computer toward him and points to the letters on the keyboard, saying “DOUBLE U” (he says it so cute) and “O” and “K” and all his faves. When he identified the letter correctly, he would clap and smile so big, his pride was astounding. Then, he turns to me after going through a few of them, and kisses me right on the lips.


And Mommy was back in business.

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  1. Melissa is a great website for learning letters!

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