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Changes are afoot in the Wampler household!

I’ve already made the big announcement that we are expecting our second kiddo, due in early February. Yay! We are super excited and can’t believe it happened so quickly AGAIN. I’m certainly not complaining; we are so blessed to be Fertile Myrtles. We wanted to shoot for another spring baby (I refuse to be in the third trimester during a Tennessee summer. Refuse.), but knew there was no guarantee we’d get lucky on the first try, so we decided May would be our “warm-up month.” Whoops! So much for warming up!

So here we are, heading down the pregnancy road again. My first pregnancy was relatively uneventful and healthy, so I hope to have a repeat performance. I dread the constant vomiting that may happen, but luckily my new OB prescribed me Zofran in case it hits. No time to lie around with your head in the toilet when you gotta a busy 2 year old to chase around!

Declan is already prepared for his role as big brother, as he is now sleeping in a “big boy bed,” or a converted toddler bed. This was honestly a change that I was DREADING more than anything. We spent 11 months getting this child to sleep in his crib; the last thing I want is a loose toddler running around my house all night trying to A) get in bed with us or B) running around my house all night! But the decision was made for us one day when Declan was in bed at nap time, jumping around like a crazy person I’m sure, and the side of his drop-side crib just completely broke off. Yea, I know, they are the devil.

Anyways, there he stood, looking at his broken crib, and all I could think was “OH NO. NO. NONONONONONONONONONO!”

But we had no choice. We certainly weren’t going to go out and buy him a new crib that day (although this will be a purchase we will have to make in the next 9 months!), so I took this as a sign that it was time to conquer the big boy bed.

And conquer it we have!

Well, mostly.

The first week went by, and he did AWESOME. He got up a couple times when we first put him down, but we walked right back to the bed, and that was that. The second week has been a little bit more adventurous for Declan, as we have found him wearing his rain boots during his nap, rescued him from a late-night tumble out of the bed and listened as he tried to sneak around his room “quietly.” He’s bolted out the door a few times, as if we wouldn’t notice that he was suddenly on the couch with us. But all in all, it has been great. We haven’t had any late-night visitor (yet), and usually after just a little prompting, or a stern “BACK TO BED” at the first pitter-patter of feet, he gets that we aren’t messing around.

I’ve been told by my more experienced mom friends that kids will usually rise to the expectations we put on them (thank you, Chris, Tisha, Amy and the rest of you!), and that WE are the ones that make a bigger deal about things than they do. And I really have to agree with them. My fears were unfounded, and if anything, I’m enjoying this new phase for Declan. I love seeing him go chill in his own bed whenever he wants, and can’t help but laugh at his nap-time antics. Hopefully this experience will teach me that change is not all bad, and to have a little faith in my little man.


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