All boy

Now that Declan is 3, I’m starting to think of him less as a baby and more as a boy. He is losing all his baby fat and is thinning out, which makes him look so much older. He speaks in complete sentences (paragraphs, actually) and is potty trained and pretty self-sufficient in a lot of ways. It’s great, for the most part.

But OMG, some aspects of this newfound Boyhood are grating. It’s like a full sensory assault from the minute he wakes up, especially for Simon. There are constant sound effects and random noises. At the top of his lungs. It doesn’t help that one out of every 10 weird sounds makes Simon laugh. All Declan needs is an audience, and he’s off (where on earth could he get that??). He sings, he goes “BEEBOBEEBEBEEBOBEEBO!” or “ROOOAARRR!!,” he fakes sneezes and fake laughs. Simon either laughs or jerks around, blinking, scared to death of being mauled. Because not only does he yell everything, he has to be right in his face. I tell him 200 times a day “Honey, get back! Sweetie, don’t yell at brother!” but it doesn’t matter.

He runs everywhere. And when he runs, he sounds like a herd of elephants wearing tap shoes on hardwood. I wouldn’t care about this, except I have baby trying to nap 2-3 times a day, and the elephant likes to run laps right outside his door. I am constantly telling him not to run in the hallway, but it falls on deaf ears. (Probably deafened by all the yelling)

How can one boy sound like this?

When he is sitting still, he has to be right on top of me or Simon. He wants to hold Simon, he wants to pat his head and grab his feet. I can be sitting on the far side of the couch and he has to sit in the 2 inches between me and the arm. And then he starts kicking and thrashing. Or, as he’s doing as I write this, hitting me with a wooden spoon.

I love my child. I love how much he loves his brother. I love that he is happy and funny and full of energy. But OMG, boys are wild. And I have 2 of them. Help.

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  1. Ummm, I hate to tell you but it only progresses after this. Just wait until the gross bathroom humor really kicks in!

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