Two things I’ll never do


Or this.

Because our house is OURS, not Declan’s or Simon’s. They get a swing set and even that is pushing it.

And if I’m going to Europe, it’s not going to be with SpongeBob. Or my kids, for that matter.

I see these commercials all the time and I think “Either I’m a crappy parent or this is what’s wrong with kids today. Or both.”


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4 responses to “Two things I’ll never do

  1. I am sooo with you especially on the first “this!” Really? The whole backyard? Emm no. That said, I do want to go on a Disney Cruise but even that is pushing it. LOL I saw an HGTV episode where a designer redid an ENTIRE bonus room into an aquatic/under the sea type adventure land for the kids. Wow.. am I that stingy with my living space that I can’t give Kheri and baby on the way more than a *corner* of our bonus room?

  2. Christi Wampler

    I can see a Disney Cruise because you are basically just cruising in the water, not going anywhere exciting. But Europe? No. Either go to Europe or go to a theme park. Not both.

    And yea, the boys get a toy room (read: converted garage with wood paneling) in our house because A) the room is ugly, B) I want the toys contained and C) the rest of the house is ours. What kills me about the Disney thing is it’s just for families in Orlando. Really? Because GOING to Disney would be that hard?

  3. April Sikes

    Aw, take your kids to Europe…it’s a great experience for them!!

  4. Christi Wampler

    Oh, I’d love to take my kids to Europe… when they are old enough to care, not to be entertained by the Wonder Pets the whole time we are there!

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