I have to start jotting down things Declan says, because he is HILARIOUS. I swear, the only thing that makes 3 year olds tolerable is their commentary on life.

Here are a few recent jems:

  • Picture it, my driveway, Monday afternoon. Declan, Simon and Paul are in the car, I am grabbing last minute items and decide to switch purses. I get in the car. “Oh mommy, I love your purse! It’s perfect!”
  • Paul ordered a new watch and came home from work with it on. “Daddy, I love your new bracelet! Did you get it at the mall?”
  • Declan knows his dinosaurs very well. Here’s his verbatim description of a triceratops, given any time you ask him: “A triceratops has 3 horns on his head and a giant frill on its neck. It’s a plant eater, a herbivore. It lived millions of years ago.” Every single time, the exact same thing.
  • He also has invented his own dinosaurs, such as the “Bounceasour” (It bounces), the “Swingasauraus” (it swings), the “Cleanasauraus” (it sweeps and mops) and the “Weinersauraus” (no description necessary).
  • When exasperated or angry, he has mastered true teenage angst by giving a “Uh, FINE. OK.” Which is better than “I swear to GOD.” Whoops.
  • And the best: Last night in bed, I asked him if he was my bestest boy. He said yes, he is my bestest boy. And then he said I was his bestest girl. Swoon.

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