Stop the clock

I’ve been told time and again how fast time seems to move once you have kids. I definitely found that true with Declan, and with Simon, it’s even worse. I feel like I’m experiencing some sort of NASCAR like experience (I couldn’t come up with a good racing metaphor. You know what I’m saying.. fast, crazy, kinda redneck..) and it’s KILLING me.

I guess it’s more obvious with a baby than a toddler, especially when you have a baby AND a toddler. With Declan, a month can go by, and he doesn’t really look that different or act that different. Now that he’s 3, his milestones are more obvious and spread out more. We’ve done potty training, we know letters and numbers and colors, I guess the next big one is what? Reading? Shoe tying? Wearing underwear the right way? No clue, but I know it will be awhile before anything really earth-shattering happens. But with Simon, every new month introduces a new phase, a new look, and a new skill. So the fact that he turned SIX MONTHS OLD this week is insane to me. While it feels like Declan has been here since the beginning of time, I swear I just brought Simon home from the hospital two weeks ago.

How on earth was this 6 months ago??

Simon now has 2 teeth and apparently a million more on the way, based on his sudden fussiness and goal of gnawing his own hand off. He is sitting up about 85% unassisted and getting closer to crawling every day. He can already Army crawl to where he wants and he is spending a lot of time up on his knees rocking back and forth, which totally cracks me up, except when he does it when he’s supposed to be sleeping. He’s warming up to solids a lot more, but he is still a pretty light eater. He has discovered screeching and screaming, which means between him and Declan, I’m popping Advil like candy by about 3 p.m., but it’s fine.

Despite all these changes, he still just seems like such a little baby to me, and it kinda breaks my heart. I’ve never been a huge “baby” person, and with Declan, I remember after he turned 1, thinking “Now THIS rocks!” (granted he didn’t sleep through the night til 11 months, so that probably had the most to do with it) because I loved how funny and excited he was about everything. But with Simon, I’m kinda already missing the baby stuff, even though I was pretty much a basket case for his first four months. But that was me, not him.

And while I’ve gotten used to Declan being a “big boy,” it hit me  hard that at the end of this month, he starts PRE-SCHOOL. SOB! I actually try not to think about it most of the time because I’m afraid of losing it. I know he is going to LOVE school and I know I’m going to LOVE having that one-on-one time with Simon twice a week. And I’m so stoked that he will be going to the same pre-school that I went to 30 years ago (um, how is THAT possible? I’m only 22…), but I can’t believe my baby boy is growing up this much.

He can't be ready for preschool, can he?

(me, top left) 30 years later, Declan will be in the same place, but with better clothes.

I’ve always swore I wouldn’t be the mom whose life begins and ends with her kids, but all this aging and growing up does hit me harder than I anticipated. I enjoy watching my boys grow and evolve, I just wish it wasn’t going quite so fast. Except for days when they are both whining or crying or encroaching in to my downtime, and then I’m ready to pack them up and send them to college. Soon enough.

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  1. April Sikes

    Aw, right there with ya, Christi!

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