Job perks

OK, I don’t have a job. Not a real one, with a paycheck and days off.

But I do try to do things that are productive (TRY, I said) and sometimes, things pay off.

For example, I just got a brand new pair of prescription eyeglasses for exactly ZERO DOLLARS.

Yes, free.

All I had to do to get them was promise to review my experience with the retailer, Easy peasy.

Here’s the deal. is a GREAT web site. Their entire MO is making cute prescription eyeware affordable for EVERYONE. The average pair of glasses in the US sells for $150–and that’s including the Costco’s and Walmarts of the world– and of course many of us pay several times that. It’s outrageous, there’s no reason glasses can’t be made available for as little as $20 a pair. It’s a necessity, a question of health and often the ability to support yourself. It’s just wrong to make people overpay like that.

I know for me, I am lucky enough to have vision insurance. And so once a year, I can go to the doctor and have my eyes checked, and then decide if I want to purchase glasses OR contacts with my insurance. Not both. So I alternate years. But what if my glasses broke (if, say, one of my kids happen to grab them/step on them/eat them, which of course, has happened) after I’d already been to the doctor? I’d be screwed. Because glasses are SPENDY, and I know I would have just taped them to my head or something rather than pay for a new pair! But now that I know about 1800specs, if my glasses get broken/chewed/used as a slingshot, I can order myself (or Paul or any visitor at my house wearing glasses) a new pair for cheap!

The other thing that impressed me was the SELECTION! I seriously could NOT decide which ones I wanted. I was torn between the Larissa, the Patricia, or the Cynthia. And while they aren’t my style, I gotta love any place with the Tootsie as a choice! I finally decided on the purple Patricias, and I got them today, only 2 weeks later. They are fabulous.

I was afraid that ordering frames without trying them on would be risky, because let’s be honest, I have an enormous head. But miraculously, they fit perfectly!

All in all, this was a great experience. It was easy, seamless and fun. Anyone with a current eyeglass prescription MUST check out before buying a pair from any store again! Whether you need a back-up pair, a new look, sunglasses or the perfect accessory for your Tootsie Halloween costume, 1800specs is the best!

Look how fabulous! You don't even notice the piles of laundry on the bed because my glasses are so fabulous!


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4 responses to “Job perks

  1. I love them! Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. 🙂 Your review is fabulous.

  2. Christi Wampler


  3. NSC


    Thanks for the tip…It will be awesome to have a backup pair!

  4. Christi Wampler

    Awesome!!! Let me know which ones you pick! (Tootsie!)

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