My list

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to start making lists. Lists for Santa, lists for grandparents, lists for me to lose somewhere between the house and my car, lists of lists in my blog. Whoa. That was meta.


I’ve been keeping mental and virtual wish lists of gift ideas for Declan and Simon, but it occurred to me that what’s missing is what I want to play with.

I don’t mean what I want for Christmas (that’s a different list altogether). I mean what toys would make ME the happiest. Because let’s face it, as a stay-at-home mom, my life is affected by what toys come in and out of this place, and dammit, I want a say-so. If I have to get them out, put them away, keep them charged, find all the damn pieces to them and the worst part, PLAY with them, I want some input.

Declan wants all the standard 3.5-year-old boy stuff, and most of it is ok. Skates, a scooter, Stompeez, specifically, and basically everything else he’s seen on TV, in ads and in stores for the past 3 months. But if I’m going to be forced to play with and clean up most of the plastic crap that will be filling up our toy room, I’d like to enjoy myself occasionally.

So here’s my list of things I want from Santa, and some things that the old fat man can keep to himself and his elves in his igloo in the snow.

Must-Haves for Mom

Pottery Barn Kids Red Retro Kitchen

Of course I want this. And for $700, it better make one hell of a breakfast.

A Dollhouse

If I’m going to spend most of my day laying around on the floor, I at least want to at least pretend I’m laying on the floor of a Victorian mansion.

Shrinky Dinks

Just because they’re awesome.

Dress-Up Clothes

As long as I’m pretending to live in a Victorian mansion, I’d like to do so dressed as a princess. It’s only fitting.


And now for the things I do NOT want in my house, ever.

The Doggie Do Game

This is a game about dog shit. Do I need to explain why this isn’t a good idea? No.

Tinker Toys

I know this probably makes me a party pooper, but nothing about “225 pieces!”, sharp wooden sticks or small round disks sound like anything I want anything to do with. I’ve stepped on enough Legos in my life to know Tinker Toys won’t be any better. Plus, I can’t build things. All my Lego creations are blocks or walls. I’ll be hopeless with these.

Operation: SpongeBob

Small pieces. SpongeBob. Annoying noise. Enough said.

So this is how the list stands so far. I have a feeling that I haven’t been good enough this year for Santa to make my wishes come true, but it’s never too late to try, right?

What’s the worst toy your kid ever got, as far as you were concerned? And what toy do you wish you could play with all day? Help a mother out..


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4 responses to “My list

  1. LTJ

    Worst toy ever – this Disney Princess “Cool Bake” oven. It was a PITA to use and then the cake mixes were awful. The Marshmallow maker goes along those same lines…

  2. April Sikes

    Worst toy ever – Moon Dough…what a horrible mess to clean up…way worse than play dough! I actually really enjoy playing with play dough, but we never have enough tools to go around for me to play, too (I need the tools). Also, I really enjoy Lego! I’m not so creative on my own with Lego, but I really enjoy putting together the sets!

  3. Chelsea Wellington

    My local Goodwill has a new-in-the-box shrinky dinks machine. I will buy it and mail it to you but you have to make me a necklace and a keychain. And maybe some earrings.

  4. Gretchen

    Someone once bought my 5 year old hyperactive son a car that turned itself into an airplane. While doing this magical feat it drained 3 D batteries, spun itself around and around, flashed lights, whistled and made horn noises. Unfortunately, it was “accidentally” thrown away in the “lets make room for all the new toys” cleaning day.

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