Splish Splash

If you had told me 9 months ago that my boys would be best friends, I would have laughed, and then cried because my third trimester hormones would have kicked in, making me believe that I was ruining Declan’s life by adding a sibling to our family. Or because we didn’t have a full bag of Oreos. Whatever, I would have cried over something. But alas, here we are, and so far, they really seem to love each other. One of their favorite times of day is bath time. They could hang out in there til the water turns to ice (what water isn’t on the floor or on Paul or me), just laughing and splashing.

Here’s a video of their shenanigans. Declan is blowing on Simon, making him cold. And Simon is just trying to play with his “favorite bath toy” (hint: It’s EVERY boy’s favorite bath toy and it goes with them everywhere. Get it? His junk.) Enjoy.


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